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Heather 1 year ago
Reminds me when I was fucked like that by a black counselor in summer camp when I was twe-lve.
David Lamb 3 years ago
Damn that worthless bitch fucked my nigga Gucci Man
Daveo 3 years ago
Fuckin awesome
Shitter 2 years ago
Whores ass is in heaven
Becky Ann 1 year ago
I fucked this older black man named "Big Dick Bob" in NC when I visited on summer. Heard my two Aunts talking about how big they say he was. Met him talked him into meeting me one night dude fucked me like crazy. I could barely walk next day Aunts looking at me funny then I realized Bob was fucking all three of us without Uncles knowledge.
Micro penis 1 year ago
When girls say they only been with a couple guys
2 years ago
Dam I want to eat her ass after ur done
She would just laugh 1 year ago
At my normal size dick
1 year ago
I want to act like this
Dar 3 months ago
I fucked my virhine girl she crying but later she said I love it